How Dire Our Circumstances Have Become With All the Real-World Challenges We So Profoundly Face
How Dire Our Circumstances Have Become With All the Real-World Challenges We So Profoundly Face

The desperate circumstance of these shock. July 2021

I've been away from Facebook for a significant part of the last year...

I've been experiencing a small piece of difficulty attempting to with the exception of

how critical our conditions have become

with every one of this present reality challenges we so significantly face

also, the reckless hug of the 45 long colt ammo   pattern of against intellectualism,

alongside the hug of religion's ethically bankrupt help of

the most ethically bankrupt, criminally degenerate 'president'

that elevated and pandered to those congregation's plans for their political help

which was apparent in his significantly horrendous international strategies.

~ ~ ~

To the disgracefully un-blessed Christian church pioneers,

that track down comfort in the

ethically bankrupt, criminally degenerate tRump,

while sorting out a banning to stain

Joe Biden's long lasting act of his Catholic confidence.

Joe goes to his Catholic church each Sunday,

tRump plays golf, has illicit relationships with pornography stars and whores

while his spouses are pregnant...

what's more, the Christian chiefs are all on the side of this

un-moral way of behaving,

while they need to 'ban' Joe

for not doing their shrewd offering.

That is Christianity these surprise.

Insufficient moral Christians are getting down on the un-heavenly way of behaving of the congregation chiefs that are sustaining such shames.

Very few 'genuine Spiritually associated Christian's these surprise

can gladly rehearse their confidence,

without the culpability of how the "congregation" has gone so ethically adrift.


I was conceived, raised, purified through water and even catechism'd a Catholic.

I needed to understand every one of the mis-driving components

from the outrages of the congregation and the outright prerequisite of

taking legends, sorcery, and marvels as the exacting truth, rather than

utilizing them insightfully as figurative metaphors.

~ ~ ~

Most religions don't rehearse 'un-contingent love'.

They feel that anybody that doesn't oblige their

mis-convictions are going to damnation. That isn't unrestricted love.

One of cognizant ought to be extremely wary when they view that as

their congregation states just they have a definitive truth in respects

to the unspeakable idea of God.

~ ~ ~

I used to be a Ronald Reagan conservative,

then, at that point, a traditionalist Libertarian...

before I found

I just needed to cast a ballot my cognizant freely for all mankind.

These shock...

with a large portion of our nation overwhelm by a well known yet

decimating pattern towards outrageous enemy of intellectualism and self-centeredness

on a perilously dumb level in which

most of our intellectually weak populace

can't avoid being brought into and permitted to be controlled by

ethically bankrupt, bad, scheming, con hooligans in the gop

which is giving its all to annihilate any opportunity of ever

working on the human condition.

They just need to allow the rich to get more extravagant, settle less assessments...

just to keep up with their check with the gig of

blocking the possible upgrades for 'we individuals'.


however long their base will advance disdain, division and discontent,

spurning their center finger to their other neighbors and kinsmen...

the enormous 'F-U' is their banner of "patriotism"...

These are the traditional lower mental development qualities of 'captured advancement'.

~ ~ ~

Through our 'enthusiastic' eye, we've been so occupied by

other country's radicals, that

we've failed to focus on how our own personal American fanatics

are giving their all to quick track our country toward their objective of

"End Times Prophecies".

to this end,

our gop has gone through the most recent 4 years pandering to these strict oddities

that via their rendition of 'religion'; it communicated to their own special kids that coexisting with genuine love and harmony for all humankind isn't "god's" direction...

Horse crap!

For these strict pioneers to embrace tRump despicably,

the encapsulation of ethically bankrupt and criminally bad,

is a blasting sign that they are embracing, in their own verbiage...


Evil is certainly not a puzzling spiritualist demon manifest frightening thing

like they made to alarm the accidental run into accommodation since scriptural times...

Evil is exactly how ethically bankrupt, criminally degenerate people

like these 'christian pioneers' and the gop get things done.

It's said that the way to damnation is cleared with these phuck's spirits.

however, relax,

'for hell's sake' is just a panic strategy they made to keep the herd in line,

simply one more legend the steadfast requirements to besides as the strict truth.

The best way to a never-ending white supremist Christian radical paradise is

by making a disorder that will deliver all life and this planet

to be deeply singed...

They effectively and anxiously anticipate the obliteration of

all that "god" has made, recently so their projection of what they

psychopathically venture to be "god's will" can be understood.

Come on people,


The finish of times predictions are

the american Christian fanatic variant of

what's best for our kids' youngsters.

Horse crap!!

Odd to consider that these equivalent 'finish of times' adherents moreover

mis-broadcast to be 'expert life',

at the point when they simply need to see all life and all opportunities forever

to be finished until the end of time.

Just so their prescience for going to their projection of

a racial oppressor christian's paradise can be fantasied...

furthermore, most frightening... still endeavored to be satisfied with the assistance of the gop.


these "star life" Christian con artists are commonly PRO GUNS!

Having endless youngsters pass on superfluously

just so red neck "adults" can shoot the crap out of things

is worth it, so they attempt to sell us.

~ ~ ~

There is a significant issue with coordinated 'religions'

that are more about power and governmental issues

than a unique interaction with Spirit.

There is no private 'Soul' rehearsed,

just the adherence to taking legend, enchantment, and marvels

as the strict truth while

declining to pay attention to science and clinical experts.

Note that,

to the greater part of these people,

the entire whole universe and the vast cosmic systems

that are a huge number of light years away

are truly under 7000 years of age!

You couldn't discuss how the Hawaiian Islands were framed

without abusing one of their hallowed fantasies.

They have been bamboozaling the group with

scriptural fear inspired notions since 'scriptural times'.

We currently have a 'post-present day culture' that ought to thrive,

in the event that it not for a huge part that still right up 'til now takes

legends, wizardry, supernatural occurrences, and scriptural paranoid fears

as the strict truth!

Along these lines,

to them, it appears to be completely fine

to become involved with any paranoid fear that accompanies their

biases, fears and under taught at this point

supremacist disarrays with science.

Decisive reasoning and presence of mind have been methodicallly eliminated

from their group's attitude and points of view.

~ ~ ~

Miserable yet True... then, there are these

underdeveloped, uninformed self-announced supremacist.

They way out number the sensibly savvy, with the exception of,

unqualified cherishing post-present day people of higher awareness

that are worried for all of humankind, in any event, really focusing on

the simpletons shitz with their 'energetic center finger' up our nose.

Being so dwarfed...

'we get the public authority we merit',

is the traditional problem we are caught in.

The advancement of our everyday environments

would have assisted US with helping other people...

We ought to introduce another period of

greatness towards a reasonable humankind.

All things considered,

We are being controlled by a 'foolish method of government'.

An administration that permits a party like the gop

the most awful adversary of 'we individuals' and America

that we have at any point looked in our set of experiences that is upheld and pandered to

'the congregation', not so much for uprightness, but rather

for power, political, and monetary benefit.

If it's not too much trouble, comprehend,

'God' isn't engaged with this sort of Un-sacred "church".

There is a dishonorable misuse of limitless development potential,

evolvement and greatness

that ought to have at this point been benefiting 'we individuals'

and every one individuals of this world, at the present time in this 'here and presently'.

in any case

as an aggregate local area,

'we individuals' are stuck on inept

also, the greater part of 'US' are even pleased with it

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